Can a woman tame a womanizer? Fat chance. What is a womanizer?

He’s a man who has love affairs with women and will not marry or commit to a relationship. Of course it’s not 100% impossible to tame him, but do you really want to expend time and energy on a gamble? Let us consider a couple points about the womanizer.

He generally emits strong sexual attraction. There’s just an irresistible animal appeal about him that draw women to him like flies to honey. He completely mesmerizes them with his charm. At first, he is very attentive; even spoiling her with candlelight dinner, beautiful flowers, and gifts thrown in that make him even more desirable.

He is generally a smooth talker. He has learned to say what women want to hear and takes full advantage of her gullibility to believe his every word. He calls often. And text messages more. Visit :- UFABET

He is usually good looking, but not always. His appeal comes from that indescribable “it” factor. And his incredibly strong sense of self confidence.

He often uses “good sex” as leverage to control. She becomes so enamored of him it’s as if she is under his spell. Combining all the above, she is convinced he loves her, and in her mind it’s just a matter of time before he proposes.

But he doesn’t.

After a few months, she notices he doesn’t call as often. He’s been seen with other women. He cancels dates. When she complains, he makes her feel guilty for asking. When she tries to pin him down, he explodes and let’s her know he’s in charge and if she doesn’t like it to leave.

But she doesn’t budge because by now, she’s head over heels in love with him… and he knows it.

Therefore to keep her, he doesn’t have to promise her anything. He doesn’t have to be monogamous. He doesn’t have to make a commitment. He calls the shots because he knows she’s hooked on him, and he uses this knowledge for his own selfish ends. He’s a user.