How to Choose a Handyman And Not Get Ripped Off!

You hear the horror stories every once in a while on your local news cast. About how some poor person got gouged or ripped off by a some charlatan handyman. (A handyman is a general term given to someone who may or may not be qualified to do the work he is hired to do.) There are some handymen out there who are just trying to find some side work to make ends meet and they may not be qualified to work on your home. This is an important point because some home insurance and home guarantees require a licensed professional to work on your home or else it can void your contract with them. Check your policy or talk to your agent to know for sure.

So, how can you avoid being ripped off by your handyman?

There are some simple ways on how to choose a local handyman.

1. Are they licensed? This is a good place to start and here is why. For a handyman to be licensed he usually has to pass the state’s requirements for being a handyman. This entails being bonded and insured before receiving his license. Being bonded and insured gives the consumer confidence that if anything were to happen as a result of the handyman’s work, such as faulty installation or damage to your property on the job, you could get repairs done to your home that resulted from his messing things up. Handyman Services Oxford

2. Do they guaranty their work? Make sure they stand behind the work they do. Now it is not their fault if something manufactured fails because of poor quality parts or something like that, but they should stand behind the installation or service they provide.

3. Ask for references, especially if they are new to the business. They may have lots of experience, but they should have customers who liked their work or were satisfied enough to give a positive reference. It can be a company they used to work for or a current client. If they work for a real estate agent, ask the agent how they are to work with.