What Type of Safari Traveller Are You?

Safari holidays are an interesting mix between individual escape and group tour. Whilst you may head to your luxury safari lodge or camp on your own, the chances are that you will meet fellow travellers during your stay, and inevitably share the experience with them on your daily game drives and other activities.

This opportunity to meet new people is what draws many to choose uk49s holidays and, if you stay at a luxury lodge or camp, the guides will try and put you on game drives with others that have similar interests – whether that is the Big Cats, birds or photography. Regardless of this, you will still find a number of different safari types – see if you can recognise the following characteristics in any of the people on your luxury safari (tongue in cheek of course).

The Photographer – Almost everyone on safari takes a camera – the opportunities for capturing stunning landscapes and incredible wildlife on a memory card are endless and no-one wants to miss that moment when your game drive comes across a pride of lions or baby elephant. The point and shoot compact or regular SLR is fine, but unless you are on a dedicated photographic trip, those travellers with five lenses, three tripods and two camera bodies can take up a lot of space in your 4×4, and sometimes you wonder if they ever get the chance to come out from behind the camera to just experience the moment. Of course, afterwards, everyone wants to see their photos, but sometimes, it might be better for a dedicated photographer to arrange a private game drive.

The Spotter – This is the person who sees the animals first on your game drive. Once the 4×4 slows and the guide points out a leopard in the trees, it is the spotter who has their arm pointed out as an answer to all fellow travellers ‘Where?’ and ‘I can’t see it!’. Spotters are great to have in your game drive on safari holidays – if they are next to you in the vehicle, it can make the difficult task of game viewing that much easier.

The Follower – The opposite to the ‘spotter’ and the category I fell into on my safari holiday – ‘the follower’ is the person who can’t see the hyena until it is right in front of you, or always turns as the hippos are about to go back under the water, just missing the view. Good news is, in many national parks in Africa, the wildlife is so abundant, it would be impossible to miss it all.

The Guide – Whilst all game drives on luxury safari holidays have a driver and official guide, there is also, quite often, one fellow traveller who knows a lot about African wildlife and the area you are in. This person is great for a chat over the campfire in the evening, as they can often answer the questions you forgot to ask your guide during the morning game drive. They also often have a number of safari books with them and are happy to share them with you.